Progressive Physiotherapy treatments

At Progressive Physiotherapy our treatments are designed to achieve, maintain and restore maximum functional ability and movement. Here we know how important it is to discover the source of the problem. This means we have extensive training to thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat the joint, muscle and nerve conditions that may be causing your problem.

We treat more than the pain – we treat the cause of the problem, so your pain and symptoms will resolve faster. This can be achieved more efficiently with our highly qualified, experienced Chartered Physiotherapists.

Conditions we commonly treat include neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, ankle sprains, foot pain, knee pain and shoulder injuries.

Treatment Techniques

Some of the treatment techniques Progressive Physiotherapy use to restore functionality, relieve pain or prevent further problems include:

  1. Therapeutic exercise for flexibility, strength and control
  2. Individualised exercise programs to assist in your recovery
  3. Advice and education about your condition and things you can do to help in your recovery
  4. Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  5. Massage techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point release
  6. Ergonomic advice for your office or workplace
  7. Orthotic and footwear advice
  8. Electro physical agents such as ultrasound

Use our expertise, start functioning better and rid yourself of pain and problems!

We don’t only treat pain – we can also help you to perform better in your sport, to improve your function in everyday life and to prevent musculoskeletal problems from occurring. It’s important to get checked for limited range of movement, muscle weakness or muscle imbalances, which all lead to problems such as reduced functionality or pain.

Progressive Physiotherapy can assess you and assist you in identifying risk areas. We can help you to understand ways you can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and age related injuries. Progressive Physiotherapy believes in early intervention and prevention – we can help the weekend warrior do their first marathon, first triathlon or start a simple walking regime.

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