Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation


Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation

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Have you or someone you know had a stroke? Or do you have another neurological disorder?

In the UK, every year, more than 100,000 people have a stroke; that’s one person every 5 minutes (CSP, 2019)

People who survive a stroke are often left with long-term problems caused by injury to their brain. Recovery can be tough and some people need a long period of Rehabilitation to help them recover their former independence. (, 2019)

Physiotherapy improves recovery of function and mobility after stroke and rehabilitation should continue for as long as the person is showing measurable benefit from treatment (CSP, 2019). Treatment may be able to help with arm and leg weakness, balance issues, falls prevention, transfer and walking ability, postural awareness and symmetry.

Or do you have another Neurological Disorder?

Progressive Physiotherapy are now able to offer specialist neurological physiotherapy assessment and treatment at clinic or domiciliary appointments.

We are delighted to now be able to offer this service as we are aware that provision in the community is limited.

Appointments are available for assessment, advice and treatment as required.

Our Physiotherapist:

  • Bev Reetham MCSP is a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist with 20+ years experience and expertise in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and other neurological conditions.
  • 15 years as The Lead Physiotherapist working on The Stroke Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

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