Paediatric Physiotherapy


Paediatric Physiotherapy

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We assess and treat children with any type of musculoskeletal condition including sports injuries and post-surgery.

Children and adolescents suffer from a set of unique injuries that adults by definition cannot have i.e. injuries to the growth tissues within the developing skeleton. Growth tissues such as growth plates (physeal plates), or cartilaginous tendon insertions (apophyses or traction epiphyses) that do not exist in the adult skeleton having matured and ossified.

These injuries and conditions are loosely classified as the osteochondroses which are simply defined as injury to growth tissues. The treatment of these injuries is not covered on the physiotherapy undergraduate training course and is therefore a specialist area of practice requiring post graduate training and study.

Between us, we have many years’ experience in Musculoskeletal Paediatric Physiotherapy, as well as this some of our physios have post graduate training.

We ask that all patients under 18 yrs of age attend with an adult who is able to accompany them into the treatment room, however all our staff are DBS checked.

We offer a discount of £5 off the initial assessment for all children under 18.

We may see children with neurological conditions and very young children with delayed milestones (e.g. delayed walking), but please call for advice.

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